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Thriller Posters

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The Silence of the Lambs
Agent Starling has to develop a relationship with the intelligent but most dangerous Hannibal Lecter in order to catch a serial killer.

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As ten strangers find themselves in a run down Motel in Nevada, there is a killer picking them off one by one. Who is the identity of the murderer?

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Two police officers are on duty in war torn Saigon to find who is responsible for a number of serial killings.

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War Games
A young tech wizz kid manages to hack into the U.S Military computer system with full control over weapons of mass destruction. Will he cause WWIII ?

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Delta Force
Major McCoy (Norris) is a Commando who is assigned to eliminate terrorists who have hijacked a commercial airliner before they kill all passengers on board.

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Blind Date
A dutch painter who is on his was to a rendez-vous with student turned lover is surprised to find a police inspector instead and accused of murder.

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The Mackintosh Man
A detainee escapes from the scrubs and finds himself in an unknown location and kept in isolation.

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The Mechanic
A top hitman is planning on retiring - However a young apprentice has other ideas...

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Triple Cross
The fantastic true story of Eddie Chapman who was awarded Hitler's iron cross yet became Britain's most incredible hero!

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